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With its natural beauty and clear sea, surrounded by 46 islets and cliffs, it belongs to a group of ten Mediterranean islands with the most preserved values of untouched nature and beauty. Covered in forests, apart from the 46 traditionally cultivated fertile fields and preserved churches, the island is, due to its geographical location, filled with traces of all the periods of history, from the Prehistoric times, the Classical period and the Middle Ages until today.

The town Lastovo is a medieval town with amphitheatre construction, surrounded by hills, which shape has served for defensive purposes. Smaller settlements have developed in several island bays, namely Lučica, Zaklopatica, Skrivena luka, Pasadur, and since the ancient times the area of the town Uble has been defined as the main island port.

For millennia it has received and fed travellers on the high seas – visitors who sung about the island’s “sources of eternal youth” as well as the blessing of twelve golden life-size statues of the apostles. Legends and myths have been a part of customs, traditions, feasts and everyday life that still exist until this day. The island is famous for Dobro Dobričević, printing incunabula, and the inventor Antica. Mediterranean climate and rich flora and fauna were preconditions for naming saint Cosmos and Damian the patron saints of the island. The island is full of magical fruits waiting to sharpen the senses of every passenger, guided and overwhelmed by the crystal starry sky.

We offer sightseeing and themed tours around the island with a professional guide:

  • Sightseeing of the town Lastovo which includes getting to know its cultural and historical heritage;
  • Sightseeing of the Duke’s Palace and the local heritage museum, as well as learning about various historical events, including tasting the local products of Lastovo;
  • A trip around the island motivated by the traces of the first Roman emperor Augustus, including a visit to a rural farmstead;
  • A trip around the island motivated by the Prehistoric times, the Illyrians and the Old Slavic deities; including a visit to a rural farmstead;
  • A picnic in the bay of Our Lady’s Apparition;
  • Driving in an off-road car to the inland of the island, the so-called safari, and sightseeing with a trip to the cave called Račja Špilja
  • A boat trip to one of the islets of Lastovo, to the Saplun bay, and a trip around the island;
  • A boat trip to Sušac and Saplun;
  • Diving at unforgettable locations with a professional guide;

We organize passenger transportation all over the island.


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